How We’re Handling COVID-19

At North Massapequa Computers, we always put our customers before anything else. With the Coronavirus becoming a global pandemic, we are taking extensive precautions to keep our facility clean, and our customers healthy. New procedures have been implemented to ensure that if a customer is infected, other customers do not have to worry about it spreading.

  • All computers are sanitized prior to being brought into the lab
  • Counters, door handles, and other surfaces touched by a customer are being disinfected immediately after they leave
  • All employees are taking extra safety measures to limit contact with the public outside of work hours

To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 in any North Massapequa Computers customer or employee. In the event a customer catches COVID-19, we will notify any customer who visited our store within the 48 hours following the sick customer's visit. Of course, HIPAA procedures will be followed, and that customer's name will remain anonymous.

Working From Home?

If you are working from home, and need assistance with your computer, we can assist you. Deferred and discounted payment options are available for anyone financially impacted by Coronavirus.